Dubai Workshops Day 3

Wednesday, day three of the conference, and the last day of our stay in Dubai. The day started of well, except for the jar of jam that Noortje threw on the ground. In the morning we went to The Solar Show where we again talked to other competing teams and looked at their presentations. We could finally show the brand books to the companies we talked to. In the afternoon we attended the seminar of Richard King. It was an interesting dialog about motivating the youth to develop a sustainable lifestyle. We also gave a presentation to the other teams where we presented the basic outline of our concept. At the end we still had some time to explain our design to people attending the solar show. After saying goodbye to all the newly made friends we went to the old part of Dubai to enjoy the city for one last time before going back to the airport. Dubai was an amazing journey and we can’t wait to be back next year, but then together with the entire team and the most sustainable home.