Join Us

Team VIRTU/e has open recruitment twice a year, the application period is always open in Quartile 2 and Quartile 4. This is with the intention that the new members would join in Q1 and Q3. 

Look out for more information by attending our recruitment,lunch lectures or more casual pizza evenings. For these events, remember to follow us on our social media or look around for VIRTU/e posters.  

After you apply via our form (‘Apply Now’ button), our HR person will reach out to you to schedule an interview with you. After the interview, the board will need to take some time to decide about the outcome. However, our HR person will keep in touch with you! Hope to see you in our team!

How is team VIRTU/e structured?

Designing, building and operating a house is a complex and extensive process that involves different positions. Therefore, we operate in different layers consisting of the board and various sub-teams. Check out below which positions are open now!