Dubai Workshops Day 2

The second day in Dubai started off with some good and bad news. The good news was that Noortje’s suitcase arrived! The bad news unfortunately was that Annine’s baggage was nowhere to be found. We quickly phoned the airport and they said that the suitcase was completely lost, so everyone enjoyed their breakfast, except for Annine. After breakfast, we got the chance to visit the Burj Khalifa in the morning before the solar show started. At eleven all four of us were back at the solar decathlon stand on the Dubai Solar Show WETEX. We talked with the friends we made the day before and talked to some new people as well. We got the chance to look at the informative videos of the other teams, which was inspiring. In the afternoon we attended the presentations of some of the other competing teams. We also got the opportunity to have a Q&A with the organization of the Solar Decathlon Middle East. We presented our model to interested people and walked around the conference to talk to companies we were interested in. Noor went to the subsequent seminar that had started on Monday about dust and soiling problems. At the end of the day we visited the immense Dubai Mall and witnessed the water show at the Dubai Fountains. It was a nice day with a good mix of education and culture. And finally, there was a nice surprise when we arrived at the hotel: Annine’s suitcase had arrived!