Another Trip to Dubai: Last Day

And that’s it for this week! The group, which consists of Bauke Poelsma, Patty Jager, Koen van Dijk, Michiel Derikx, Ellen van den Bersselaar and Puck ten Hoope, is returning to our beautiful country.

What a week it has been! We feel like we’ve learned more in these five days than we would’ve in a whole semester. The thing we loved most here is the positivity and strive for progress that is embedded in the culture of the UAE. We ended the journey today with meetings at Etihad, the Future Accelerators and the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, which all led to knew insights about the existing technologies and plans for a sustainable Dubai.

We will return to the Eindhoven University of Technology tomorrow and we can’t wait to tell the rest of the team our experiences. We will continue the work on the project immediately, we’ll keep you posted!