Another Trip to Dubai: Day 3

The workweek starts again in the United Arab Emirates! And to make it to all appointments this Sunday the group had to split up. Ellen, Bauke and Michiel went to DEWA, while Patty, Koen and Puck visited Abu Dhabi and Masdar City.

Ellen, Bauke and Michiel:
We were so warmly welcomed by among others Edwin (our contact person for SDME2018), Noura (organisation SDME2018) and Pedro (R&D DEWA). Together we talked about our vision and the rules of the competition and we realised that the design is definitely on the right track!
We finished the day with a traditional dinner and dancing show in the desert.

Patty, Koen and Puck:
Through public transport we reached the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Religion has everything to do with culture here, so this was a valuable addition to our understanding of the country. The mosque is visually and structurally stunning. After this, we went to Masdar City, which is just outside of Abu Dhabi, and it proves that the UAE has outstanding developments on sustainable levels. Unique integration of building physics in design, architectural balance between traditional and modern, separated infrastructure, Masdar City has it all! After our tour we went back to the parking lot (in an electric car that drove itself) where we started our way back to Dubai.