Wuppertal, Germany

We are more than pleased to announce that VIRTUe is participating with a whole new team in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021! The team has a strong affinity toward urban design and realistic social solutions, which makes the SDE21, set in urban Wuppertal, a perfect ground for us.

Solar Decathlon

The Solar Decathlon is the largest building competition in the world. For the Solar Decathlon Europe in 2021, 18 teams from universities all over the world will be selected to compete against each other. The main goal is to stimulate innovative developments and research in the built environment, not to forget all the attention that is created by the thousands of people watching. Every year the competition is held in a different country.

The 1st Urban Edition

This competition is the first edition of the SDE with a specific focus on urbanisation and development of urban areas. Wuppertal is an industrial city, much like Eindhoven, and so, VIRTUe has inspiration in its direct surroundings in terms of urban renewal and technical innovation. By applying for SDE21, we can use this to our advantage, and further our aim to show the strength and innovative power of our concept and our identity.

VIRTUe aims to transform the urban built environment to make it more resilient and habitable. Involving people in the environmental, social, and economic challenges of sustainability is central in our approach to realizing this goal.

Transforming Urban Mobility

We are working on a new urban mobility system to tackle the issue of traffic that generally accompanies a high urban density.

Merging Spaces

Our proposal focuses on intensifying and efficiently using spaces by combining functions, on both building and urban scale.

Our building will be a microcosm of our vision on an urban scale– a lively, interactive space which has a use 24/7. Having spaces with multiple purposes, not only in the building but throughout the city will help us realize our vision of diversity.

Our vision is manifested in ‘GRIT: Guide to a sustainable lifestyle’. The idea of combining multiple houses into one apartment complex with shared and multi-purpose spaces was intriguing, and something we explored in our proposal of GRIT. This offers a healthy living environment while promoting social and economic sustainability, along with many other benefits– making it a comprehensive solution.

Current Site

Potential Future Site

We provide diverse functions for diverse users to enhance demographic diversity. Although the concept proposes a global solution, it adapts to the peculiarities of the different morphological and social scenarios of European cities.

GRIT with its etymology also expresses a value VIRTUe hopes to embody over the course of this project:“perseverance and passion for long-term and meaningful goals.”