Why become a partner?

VIRTU/e is a multi-disciplinary, international team from the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e) and regularly participates in the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE). With the support of the TU/e and from various respectable partners, we believe that we can take this challenge to another level, and create a global solution that sets an example to the industry.

Communicate Educationally

VIRTUe is closely linked to many educational institutes within Eindhoven. VIRTUe makes sure you can be recognized by the people of these institutes. Ambitious students and professors of the university are waiting to be introduced to new challenges.  You can be the main communicator for this.

Promote Sustainability

The network of VIRTUe reaches multiple companies. Through various collaborations and events, a new network can be built up.
Exposure at public events, like the Solar Decathlon and the Dutch Design Week will give an opportunity to show your contribution to working towards a better future.

Develop Innovatively

VIRTUe is working towards creating a better future. This can not be done without innovating in new fields of the built environment. You can help us establish these innovative ideas, for the city of tomorrow.The research that is achieved can serve as a foundation in your next project. Dare to innovate in this project and push the boundaries of the built environment.

We can use any help to realise our project. Ready to build a sustainable future?